Jeff Term 2 PPJ04

What was accomplished

  • Implemented tower loadouts (3 hours)
  • Implemented art assets (2 hours)
    • Updated particles for Khepri blessing
    • Particles for Thoth blessing
    • Stasis tower/animations
  • Added small passive animation to sun tower (1.5 hours)
  • Fixed broken effects on Isis blessing (.5 hours)
  • Began working on removing area of influence overlap (2 hours)
    • This may be a bigger problem than anticipated, remains to be seen
  • Total (9 hours)


What went well

  • Deliverables got in on time.
  • Loadouts were not a complete train wreck.


What went poorly

  • The untimely demise of Sunday night feature lock
  • It was a somewhat slow week
  • Merge issues prevented me from getting Joe’s tower placement bug fix in for build


Upcoming plans

  • Tooltips, eventually
  • May look into improving some other animations since programming work is starting to slow down for the moment
  • More bug fixing

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