Meagan PPJ 04 – Term 2

Completed Tasks

  • Design Discussion (30 min)
  • Cool Down Bar mock-ups (1 hrs 30 min)
  • Pause Menu/Tool Tip mock-ups (3 hrs)

Total Hours = 5 hrs

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I wanted to finalize the tool tips position so I started exploring ways to implement it into the pause menu and game screen. The cool down bars also need to be implemented, so I started thinking about new ways of displaying the bars and the tool tips on the screen effectively. The last two images are examples of what the icons could look like for the cool down bars.

What Went Well

I made some progress with the tool tips design and position and I could say the same about the cool down bars. I have discussed the design and placement of tool tips and the cool down bars with teammates. I think we could finalize the design this week and finally start implementing these features.

What Didn’t

We have been kind of stuck on the idea of tool tips and the cool down bars for a while. There is a bit of a conflict concerning screen space and the players attention. We want to display both on the in game menu in a way that the player does not need to look that far from their UI to read the tool tips or to see what blessings or effects the other player has used. That has been a bit of a design issue we have been working out.


Finalize tool tips and the cool down bars. I want to start implementing them so we can test the layout in future playtests. That might help us solve some design issues. Finalizing UI so we can test it is the priority so I can jump in there when needed. (Maaayybe new map designs).

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