Step on the Brakes, Mark Hurley, PPJ 04

Task Completed:

Meeting & unity fixes (2 hours)

Tutorial Test (2 hours)

Tutorial Planning and documentation (6 hours)

Total hours: 10


What Went Well?

This week was a bit slower than previous weeks. After finishing the unit animation, there was no pressing artistic task requiring immediate attention. I focused on creating the tutorial to explain gameplay and add some much-needed context to gameplay. After a bad initial test, I made detailed notes and documentation on the how tutorial should be designed and developed. The team continues to move forward as always.


What Could Have Gone Better

I initially underestimated the task of creating the tutorial. While the functionality is relatively straightforward, I realized the complexity of working with the current codebase was too complicated for me to handle. I documented the design, so coders could more easily cooperate with development. The rest of the team is struggling with finding larger tasks to complete, especially from the artists. Within the next few weeks, we should be able to complete the tasks set out at the beginning of the term. But, to make the most of our time, we should find more tasks for the team to complete.



GDD Work

Environment Assets




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