Erin Truesdell, PPJ 05

What’s On The Menu?


Loadout Menu: 5h

Playtest: 2h

Loading Screens: 30m

Total: 7h 30m



Ready for more content.



The loadout menu! It works! The framework for any extra features we want is almost entirely done! After a couple of snags with implementation and hookups, we got all of that in. Also, first draft of loading screens. Lots of progress this week, which has me feeling great about where the project is going. We also had some great playtest sessions and I got to watch some new folks play the game.



Loading screens will likely need tweaking as they’re still in draft state. Text and tower/blessing visuals still need to be sent to me to be put in the scene. On the plus side, the infrastructure is almost all there, so putting them oin once they’re ready should  be an absolute breeze.


What’s Next:

Tweaks, updates, deliverables, anything else that needs to be done


Bonus content: h e c k