Jeff Term 2 PPJ05

What was done

  • Stasis Tower animation improvement/implementation (2.5 hours)
  • Unit behavior script optimization (1 hour)
    • large quantities of units on the field at one time began to cause lag, hitching, and in some cases game stoppage. The code was optimized to limit some more intensive calls.
  • Effect implementation and fixes (1.5 hours)
    • Some effects became broken due to changes since the last build. I fixed those that came to my attention
    • Implemented effects for the stasis tower and stun blessing
  • Playtesting (2 hours)
  • Total – 7 hours


What went well

  • Good number of playtesters, and we found a number of issues we can fix and places we can improve the game


What didn’t

  • Midterms and other work piled up and prevented me from getting as much work done as I wanted to
  • It came to my attention how unoptimized some of the code for the game is, and it was distressing to see how much the game slowed down under relatively normal use cases



  • Continue optimization
  • Continue implementation of new features
  • Work on some design-side issues like tooltip and menu informational text

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