Raul PPJ 05


Meetings/Playtests: 2h 30m

Main Menu Assets: 2h

Other Textures: 30m

Total Hours: 5h



This week I got a decent amount done. I was able to finish the tent and animate it for the main menu, as well as re texture and touch up the lamp model. I also felt that communication was a bit better this week. On top of that we got some solid playtests and I was able to see where the game could use improvements in terms of art.



A lot of the work that I got done this week was during the crunch. I would have liked to have started earlier but my focus has been largely on preparing my team for senior project. I also found that the art team seems to be in a bit of limbo on tasks. I think this largely has to do with our increased team size and there is just less for each individual person to do.



For next week, I will hopefully be finishing and implementing the main menu art assets and making sure that it is all set up for UI to be implemented.

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