Meagan PPJ 05 – Term 2

Completed Tasks

  • Created Maps from Javier’s Designs (2 hrs 30 mins)
  • Playtest session (30 mins)
  • Created some UI elements for tutorial (2 hrs)

Total Hours = 5

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I traced three of Javier’s map designs so they are ready to go. I do have to make a few edits on the second and third map, I just noticed a difference in the outlining. After that I worked on creating UI elements for the tutorial. Mark created the Box and The Box arrow I just added some outlining and shading and then I created the rest.

What Went Well

We keep moving forward with progress! I went home this weekend so I had my own play test with friends and it went well; we received great feedback. I noticed the load out screen is wrapping up and Javier presented some new maps. I am pretty excited to start seeing everything come together.

What Didn’t

The art team is running low on tasks, it was a little difficult to keep myself occupied this week. I think we might need to have a design discussion so we figure out where everyone is and assign tasks for people to move forward. I did work on the map designs but I am just now realizing I need to make a few more edits to them, and clean them up a bit. Outside of this class this week was utter chaos so that was a fun time.


  • Map Edits/touch ups
  • Tutorial UI
  • Render tower images for Erin (load out screen)



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