Erin Truesdell, PPJ 06

Life’s a Beach


Loadout Menu & Map Select: 1h 30m

Deliverables: 30m

Total: 2h

Map Select Scene is int eh game and ready to receive new scenes.


This week, I learned to work FAST. As I had plans to be gone for the majority of the week, I ended up writing almost the entirety of my UI tasks in just over an hour. Lots of frantic typing and speedy work, plus some touch-ups when I returned to Philadelphia last night.



Loadout updates are in and map select works!



Loadout UI scaling is a little bit buggy and there are a few other minor tweaks that need to be made. Fortunately, I will have some more time this week to make said updates. Also, while the map select is in, the second map itself is not so noth map options take the players to the original.


What’s Next:

Bug squashin’ and touchups.


Bonus content: The reason I had to work FAST #CekBorbs

Going to a shrimp boil in the Outer Banks