Meagan PPJ 06 – Term 2

Completed Tasks

  • Meeting – work directly with people make small art edits (5.5 hours)
  • Loadout Images (1 hour)
  • Loadout Descriptions (30 minutes)
  • Pause Menu and UI edits: (2 hours)

Total Hours: 9 hrs 30 minutes

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I made some edits to the Pause Menu to account for tooltips. Then I tweaked some UI elements and started making small edits. I grabbed some images for the towers to insert into the Loadout screen. Finally I wrote the Loadout descriptions with Javier.

What Went Well

Some of my tasks this week were “fill in the gap” type of jobs which is good because we need to start closing those gaps and wrapping things up. We had some productive work sessions which helped. The tutorial and tool tips are coming along.

What Didnt

I had some family planned stuff this weekend that took away most of my work time on. I didn’t account for that enough but the Pause Menu is in the repository but it hasn’t been implemented. The descriptions were not implemented either but it should be a quick task to complete before we playtest later this week. I feel like there are a lot of pieces out there and we need to connect them, like the tutorial, the main menu screen, and the tool tips.


  • Keep editing the UI in response to feedback and other alterations
    • Edit Main Menu Buttons
    • Pause Screen implementation
    • Tutorial and Tool-tips UI edits
  • Polish!
    • Loadout Menu – spinning tower images
    • Sound
    • Help with particles or any additional animations

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