Jeff Term 2 PPJ07

What got done

  • Improved Player Controller (2 hours)
    • Player controller used to contain references to both reticules and would check playerID to make sure it worked with the right reticule. Adjusted so just one reticule was tracked by the controller, that was set publicly as part of the player object
    • Going back in the UI menus is now done by pressing either of the triggers instead of clicking RS
  • Adjustments to unit spawning (1 hour)
    • After choosing a lane to spawn a unit it, the player remains in that menu and can spawn as many of the chosen type of unit as they want in any lane
  • Towers detect units on place (1.5 hours)
    • Towers are now able to detect units in their radius when they become “active” after their building is complete
  • Geb blessing polish (1.5 hours)
    • The Geb blessing now changes the animation of affected units to a “stun” animation
  • Bug Fixes
    • Priest tower FX no longer persist after the tower is destroyed (1.5 hours)
  • Playtesting (3 hours)
  • Total: 10.5 hours
Function called when tower state becomes ‘placed’

What went well

  • We’ve been continuing to find and work out kinks and latent issues in the game
  • Playtests helped us to find and begin to track a lot of issues we did not know about, as well as improvements we can make


What didn’t

  • There were a number of gameplay issues discovered in the playtest that should not have been there. It felt somewhat unprofessional.
  • I’ve felt a bit disconnected from the project and I’m trying to get myself back into it

What’s upcoming

  • Tackling the issues that came up during playtesting
  • Continuing to polish

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