Raul PPJ 07


Meetings/Concepting: 3h

Tutorial Dialogue: 30m

Total Hours: 3h 30m



This week I made some adjustments to art assets, such as closing the tent flaps. My main task this week was to help design the tutorial as well as write the new dialogue for it. I worked with Meagan to write it out and worked with Mark to figure out the flow. I also worked with Meagan, Mark, Jeff, and Michael to figure out the design, visuals, and wireframes of the tutorial.



I had very little to do this week. I understand that we are getting towards the end of the term and that the focus is shifting to polish, however, there were very few art tasks handed out this week. The project feels disorganized. I also noticed that a lot of issues were discovered at the playtest and that we had to explain to a lot of our testers the difference between our bugs and our features. This really pushed the feeling of chaos in the project.



For next week, I will continue to help with the tutorial (as needed) and will be hopefully finding tasks for artists.


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