Erin Truesdell, PPJ 07

Stranded In Northern New England


Playtests: 2h

Trailer: 4h

Beta Touchups: 30m

New Sell Presentation: 1h 30m

Total: 8h



Nothing like spending 6 hours waiting in airports and 0 hours actually on the plane. #ThanksFlashFlooding



The trailer was already in good shape – my goal this week was to put in new footage because our art had improved so much since the last iteration, and just tighten it up – no sense in fixing what isn’t broken. People were really great about getting files to me so I could work as well. Finally, a shoutout to Raul for handling our scrum presentation when I got in from a 13-hour travel day that should have taken 4.



Lots of things at the last minute again, which tends to happen when I’m out of town. We struggled to get enough playtesters, so I’m thinking of going the route of adding a question about who sent each tester to make sure everyone is pulling their weight. Still so many bugs to fix.


What’s Next:

Polish polish polish polish. So much polish. And bug squashin’, but does that ever really end?


Bonus content: Cancellations, cancellations EVERYWHERE.