Kyle Streeper Term 2 – PPJ 7

Completed Tasks

  • Survey Analysis (1.5 hours)
  • QA (3 hours)
  • Playtesting Sessions (1 hour)
An intense battle during one of my QA sessions.


  • Certain questions for this week had some of the biggest turnarounds in negative responses to positive responses we have ever seen
  • Tooltips and loadout descriptions have really added to the overall experience of the game


  • My vacation this week caused me to not have any time to work on controller detection implementation like I wanted to.
  • This was the first team we didn’t reach our allotted playtesters as we were short 4 people


  • Get controller detection in a build so we can have Xbox/Playstation buttons appear for their respective controllers
  • Make loadout navigation for intuitive
  • Fix the bugs that appeared or resurfaced during this week

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