Meagan PPJ 07 – Term 2

Completed Tasks

  • Tutorial Wireframe (3 hrs)
  • UI Edits (30 mins)
  • New Map (1 hr)
  • Helped with Sell Touch ups (1 hr)
  • Tutorial Dialogue (30 mins)
  • Meeting Concepts (3 hrs)

Total Hours = 9 hrs

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I worked on the tutorial script/dialogue and then I wireframed it so we had a visual guide to refer to if there were questions. Also I edited the blessing slides on the sell presentation and I made some small edits to the UI where it was needed.

What Went Well

The tutorial is in a better place now (no it didn’t die). We got great feedback from the playtest that helped us find the right information to include in the tutorial. We also received great feedback in general that will help with balance in the future. I feel like we are slowly bringing it all together.

What Didn’t

We got really close to meeting our playtest requirement but we didn’t quite get there. BUT we have a plan for the next session and we plan to collect more data. There is some disorganization within the project, it feels like there isn’t a hierarchy or priority list. It feels like we are all running around trying to fill in the gaps. I’m hoping this could improved by dedicating a meeting to solving it. Also I get very sick, so that didn’t go well.


  • Tutorial Visuals
  • UI edits
  • Playtest for balance
  • Find tasks that need to be wrapped up for artists

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