Erin Truesdell, PPJ 08



Loading Screen Updates & Implementation: 2.5h

Total: 2.5h



A lightweight week on the Erin side of things, which means LOTS to look forward to in the upcoming days.



Loading screens went in relatively easily, since I had already done some work on them earlier in the term. Plenty of errors popped up, but almost every single one was a REALLY easy fix, so implementation was painless!



I was pretty hands-off this week, and while I was present at the event we held the playtest at, I was busy playtesting another game I’m working on (a certain kayaking experience). There’s lots still for me to do this week, but I am looking forward to digging back in, getting on that #PR train once more, and taking care of any final polish things that have to happen.


What’s Next:

Trailer. Sell Presentation. After all, I’m the Designated Extrovert.


Bonus content: I definitely know which variables to use…especially the ones that I wrote. #KnowThyself