Jeff Term 2 PPJ08

What got done:

  • Bug Fixes!
    • Catapults no longer get stuck if something else kills their target tower (2 hrs)
    • CQC units no longer ignore other units seemingly without cause (3 hrs)
      • Fixed by adding in an out-of-combat timer that sets the isBeingAttacked flag to false if the unit does not take damage for an amount of time. May need to be reexamined, may be edge cases where tower damage prevents flag from being unset
    • Catapults no longer ignore towers built within their range (2.5 hrs)
      • They send out an overlapsphere ‘pulse’ every 2 seconds when not actively attacking a tower to detect towers nearby that may have been placed since then. This may get removed for a more efficient method as Dustin has offered to clean up and optimize some of the tower code and thinks his changes may allow a better way.
    • Made it so that the start button does menu functions instead of select (1 hr)
  • Optimized active blessings (1.5 hrs)
    • they would perform overlapsphere checks twice when they execute successfully, once to check if they can execute then again to actually use the power. I changed this so that on the attempt to execute, the collected lists of targets is stored in a variable of the blessing instance. This information is overwritten with each new attempt, so there is no worry of things being targetted that should not be
  • Cleaned up unit/catapult code (1 hrs)
  • PLAYTESTING (4 hrs)
  • Total: 15 hours

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What went well:

  • We got a very good number of playtesters at the open house, so we are already almost half way to our goal for next week.
  • We sorted out a number of pesky bugs that made our game look unpolished
  • A number of other optimization and polish changes have been made, as well as code readability improvements and code simplifications


What didn’t

  • We are becoming increasingly aware of small issues to fix and don’t want them to crowd out more important problems



  • More important quality of life and polish improvements
  • More optimization

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