Javier Figueroa PPJ8


  • Sun Beam Update (2 hr)
  • Lightning Update (1 hr)
  • Playtest (2 hr)
  • Total (5 hr)

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I really wanted the sun beam to have more of a “beam” feeling to it rather than just the scattered rain type of look. I tried to accentuate the cylinder  by making it more visible and making the sparkles the extra effect. I also made the cylinder grow and deflate as if the clouds are opening and closing. The bolt was only toned down in color since the new lighting made it look really blue.

What went well:

  • I am more satisfied with the beam, and I feel like it is at least close to what it should be.

What went poorly:

  • I tried to alter the look of the bolt, but didn’t find a satisfying change


  • Fire particle change
  • I plan to look up how to make particles converge on a point (an idea I have for the bolt)
  • Any other alterations I can find

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