title = text.clever, Mark Hurley, PPJ 08

Task Completed:

Make UI update (5 hours)

Balancing (2 hours)

Playtests (4 hours)

Total hours: 11


What Went Well?

Some decent work this week. I fixed something that should have been adjusted weeks ago; all buttons/info about your options were hard coded either in the text box or in the sprite itself. I spent the majority of my time revamping this. Now, when the cost of a unit changes, the button updates at the start of the game to match. Additionally, I finished the first draft of balance and it was implemented into the new build. Implementation was delayed to finish the updating buttons; but now nothing is in the way of future balance hotfixes. We also did a playtest on Saturday with incoming freshmen that went pretty well.


What Could Have Gone Better

I wasn’t able to test the balance after it was implemented. Other assignments came up and I wasn’t able to see how successful the first round of balance was. Fortunately, the UI changes should make new balance updates infinitely easier. Many on the team are still struggling to find big tasks to spend their time; but the term is nearly finished, I’m sure they’ll find things to do.




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