Michael PPJ09


  • unit movement while dying feature fixed (1.5h)
  • more tutorial stuff (2h)


What went well

  • Units looks much better when they die now.


What didn’t

  • tutorial ugh


What’s up next

  • aside from minor bug fixes its basically just tutorial stuff




This term was for some reason just exhausting, probably because it’s Summer and I dislike Summer. The bad parts were bad, but the good ones were great. I don’t even think it was a time issue, as much as a motivation and determination issue. Things I have always struggled with.

This term we went more into the design part of it, which is probably my favorite part about this whole process. Getting to talk about and discuss video games always lead to a great time. Figuring out inspirations and deciding on some big changes were always the highlights of the day.

The team, just like last term was fantastic. People were doing their part, a tad late sometimes, but it always felt like progress was being made. The game now has a full load-out mechanic, a new map, optimized code, a tutorial (eww) and just insane amounts of polish. (The main menu!)

Some things I would change would be to have done balance changes slightly earlier on in the term, as we reached the end of the term we hit what I knew was going to be the hardest part of a game like this with so many systems, balancing. The team always had great ideas on how to balance and as we learn more about the intricacies and they product reaches a more final state we can take a step back and perform our balance duties with much better knowledge. I also learned how to calculate time better for my future tasks.

Going forward I hope to always have a team that’s at least this good. Also some of us were considering carrying on this project and fully fleshing it out. I’m excited for the possibilities and am pleased with how much I learned these past 2 terms as a programmer, designer, and person.


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