Raul PPJ 09


Temple: 3h 30m

Catapult: 1h 30m

Total Hours: 5h



This week I redid the model and texture for the temple tower. It now includes 4 statues as well as wall treatments and more hieroglyphs. I also went through all of or 3D assets and made sure that they were a reasonable polycount. The only one that I found that was not was the catapult, which I tasked Javier with fixing.



Communication was a bit lacking this week. I was not informed that .obj files were now prevented by the gitignore and that caused some submission issues. They were eventually fixed but it would have saved me quite a bit of time if this was announced.



For next week, I will be working on final polish for art assets as we reach our final deadline.

Post Mortem:

Three things that went right:

I think as a team we were all highly motivated to work on this project and as a result we got a lot done out of the gate. Another thing that went well was that we were all very involved in the design process at the beginning of this term which increased our individual motivation as well. A third thing that I felt went well was that our scope was not out of control. As a team, we did a good job of reassessing scope and keeping the project within it.


Three not so right things:

Communication was an issue throughout this quarter. Feature lock was never enforced which always made Monday nights a mess. Another issue was after the first couple weeks, little attention was given to art and not many tasks were given out. As co-art lead, I would have come up with new ideas and tasks but I was not ever given much to work with. A third issue, that connects to both communication and art, was that it felt like our dev team did not check the artist progress despite updated hacknplan and announcing our progress in the discord. Some of the tasks given to me to assign to the other artists had been done as long ago as the previous quarter.


Moving on:

When approaching new projects, particularly senior project, I will be putting a higher emphasis on communication. Everyone will be brought up to speed and required to check the hacknplan. I will also be enforcing feature lock so that we don’t break our project the night before. I have already been involving my entire team in the design process and I think it is a great way to motivate any team, current or future. I also learned a lot about scope management in this project and I will carry that knowledge with me into every new project.

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