Javier Figueroa PPJ9 – Postmortem


  • Updated Fire Implementation (1 hr)
  • Updated Electricity (1 hr)
  • Catapult fix (1 hr)
  • Other Fixes (1 hr)
  • Playtest (2.5 hr)
  • Total (6.5 hr)

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Other fixes included an opacity change for the sun beam and a fix for the lamp fire.

What Went Well:

  • Particle changes look cool

What Went Poorly:

  • Some changes came in too late


  • More updates



Things that went right:

  • The Scope – the scope the we set up early on this term feels just right considering we managed to get all the major aspects of it with little time to spare. The coders, mainly Jeff, were always stressing out so I think any more to the scope may have killed them. In terms of FX, they were mainly finished around week 7-8 which left those a lot of time for updated visuals.
  • Teamwork – Everyone got along while making this game. Communication was solid most of the time. People kept each other updated via our discord channel and whenever someone needed help or someone was falling behind they were able to easily contact teammates.
  • The Effects – A big focus of my work this quarter was centered around the particle effects for the different blessings. I spent quite a bit of time learning more about particles and using that information for the different blessings. Honestly I have become quite fond of it.

Things that went poorly:

  • Playtesting – every few iterations was a battle to find enough playtests. We would generally end up scampering around trying to find enough playtests, and the few official playtest sessions we had were generally only net us around half of what we needed. I wasn’t able to net anybody myself since the few people I knew never could.
  • Late Term – As the term entered its final weeks, the amount of work I had became more and more limited. The majority of my time at this point was spent on visual upgrades of a few particles. At some point most of my work began to revolve around making the sun beam look better.
  • HackNPlan – The HackNPlan was scarcely touched by most people and generally touched by the same people. I was not one of the ones who touched it despite the frequent reminders on discord. I feel like people were content with posting progress on discord.

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