Erin Truesdell, PPJ 08



Loading Screen Updates & Implementation: 2.5h

Total: 2.5h



A lightweight week on the Erin side of things, which means LOTS to look forward to in the upcoming days.



Loading screens went in relatively easily, since I had already done some work on them earlier in the term. Plenty of errors popped up, but almost every single one was a REALLY easy fix, so implementation was painless!



I was pretty hands-off this week, and while I was present at the event we held the playtest at, I was busy playtesting another game I’m working on (a certain kayaking experience). There’s lots still for me to do this week, but I am looking forward to digging back in, getting on that #PR train once more, and taking care of any final polish things that have to happen.


What’s Next:

Trailer. Sell Presentation. After all, I’m the Designated Extrovert.


Bonus content: I definitely know which variables to use…especially the ones that I wrote. #KnowThyself


Jeff Term 2 PPJ08

What got done:

  • Bug Fixes!
    • Catapults no longer get stuck if something else kills their target tower (2 hrs)
    • CQC units no longer ignore other units seemingly without cause (3 hrs)
      • Fixed by adding in an out-of-combat timer that sets the isBeingAttacked flag to false if the unit does not take damage for an amount of time. May need to be reexamined, may be edge cases where tower damage prevents flag from being unset
    • Catapults no longer ignore towers built within their range (2.5 hrs)
      • They send out an overlapsphere ‘pulse’ every 2 seconds when not actively attacking a tower to detect towers nearby that may have been placed since then. This may get removed for a more efficient method as Dustin has offered to clean up and optimize some of the tower code and thinks his changes may allow a better way.
    • Made it so that the start button does menu functions instead of select (1 hr)
  • Optimized active blessings (1.5 hrs)
    • they would perform overlapsphere checks twice when they execute successfully, once to check if they can execute then again to actually use the power. I changed this so that on the attempt to execute, the collected lists of targets is stored in a variable of the blessing instance. This information is overwritten with each new attempt, so there is no worry of things being targetted that should not be
  • Cleaned up unit/catapult code (1 hrs)
  • PLAYTESTING (4 hrs)
  • Total: 15 hours

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What went well:

  • We got a very good number of playtesters at the open house, so we are already almost half way to our goal for next week.
  • We sorted out a number of pesky bugs that made our game look unpolished
  • A number of other optimization and polish changes have been made, as well as code readability improvements and code simplifications


What didn’t

  • We are becoming increasingly aware of small issues to fix and don’t want them to crowd out more important problems



  • More important quality of life and polish improvements
  • More optimization

Meagan PPJ 07 – Term 2

Completed Tasks

  • Tutorial Wireframe (3 hrs)
  • UI Edits (30 mins)
  • New Map (1 hr)
  • Helped with Sell Touch ups (1 hr)
  • Tutorial Dialogue (30 mins)
  • Meeting Concepts (3 hrs)

Total Hours = 9 hrs

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I worked on the tutorial script/dialogue and then I wireframed it so we had a visual guide to refer to if there were questions. Also I edited the blessing slides on the sell presentation and I made some small edits to the UI where it was needed.

What Went Well

The tutorial is in a better place now (no it didn’t die). We got great feedback from the playtest that helped us find the right information to include in the tutorial. We also received great feedback in general that will help with balance in the future. I feel like we are slowly bringing it all together.

What Didn’t

We got really close to meeting our playtest requirement but we didn’t quite get there. BUT we have a plan for the next session and we plan to collect more data. There is some disorganization within the project, it feels like there isn’t a hierarchy or priority list. It feels like we are all running around trying to fill in the gaps. I’m hoping this could improved by dedicating a meeting to solving it. Also I get very sick, so that didn’t go well.


  • Tutorial Visuals
  • UI edits
  • Playtest for balance
  • Find tasks that need to be wrapped up for artists

Kyle Streeper Term 2 – PPJ 7

Completed Tasks

  • Survey Analysis (1.5 hours)
  • QA (3 hours)
  • Playtesting Sessions (1 hour)
An intense battle during one of my QA sessions.


  • Certain questions for this week had some of the biggest turnarounds in negative responses to positive responses we have ever seen
  • Tooltips and loadout descriptions have really added to the overall experience of the game


  • My vacation this week caused me to not have any time to work on controller detection implementation like I wanted to.
  • This was the first team we didn’t reach our allotted playtesters as we were short 4 people


  • Get controller detection in a build so we can have Xbox/Playstation buttons appear for their respective controllers
  • Make loadout navigation for intuitive
  • Fix the bugs that appeared or resurfaced during this week

Erin Truesdell, PPJ 07

Stranded In Northern New England


Playtests: 2h

Trailer: 4h

Beta Touchups: 30m

New Sell Presentation: 1h 30m

Total: 8h



Nothing like spending 6 hours waiting in airports and 0 hours actually on the plane. #ThanksFlashFlooding



The trailer was already in good shape – my goal this week was to put in new footage because our art had improved so much since the last iteration, and just tighten it up – no sense in fixing what isn’t broken. People were really great about getting files to me so I could work as well. Finally, a shoutout to Raul for handling our scrum presentation when I got in from a 13-hour travel day that should have taken 4.



Lots of things at the last minute again, which tends to happen when I’m out of town. We struggled to get enough playtesters, so I’m thinking of going the route of adding a question about who sent each tester to make sure everyone is pulling their weight. Still so many bugs to fix.


What’s Next:

Polish polish polish polish. So much polish. And bug squashin’, but does that ever really end?


Bonus content: Cancellations, cancellations EVERYWHERE.


Many Hats, Mark Hurley, PPJ 07

Task Completed:

Screen Shake and gen unity work (3 hours)

Tutorial work (7 hours)

Balancing (3 hours)

Playtests (2 hours)

Total hours: 15


What Went Well?

Got a good amount done this week. The screen shake is in and it can be called from anywhere; so more juice, Huzzah! Beyond that I helped the rest of the team with tutorial design: taking a pass at the text prompts and the general flow of the tutorial. Everything appears to be coming together to finalize the tutorial within a reasonable amount of time. I also started some work on balancing. Less actual decision making and editing, more checking if the GDD values are actually up-to-date, researching spreadsheet game design practices, and preparing a framework for next week. Lastly, we had our playtest session and it was relatively successful.


What Could Have Gone Better

I made a poor decision while working on the tutorial. I made the assumption that we would want pop-up windows with drawings of the battlefield to illustrate specific points. However, after a tutorial design meeting, we’re pivoting to more being done on the actual game screen than in new images. Oh well, not too much time was lost. I also wish I could have done more with balancing, but the framework and playtesting data are ready for next week.




More juice


Javier Figueroa PPJ7


  • Targeters are done (3 hrs)
  • Destruction Anim Dust (1 hr)
  • Total (4 hr)


Once again, instead of revamping particles I found other tasks that I could complete. The dust is meant for towers that have been destroyed. The targeters from top and left to right are for Isis, Seth, and Sekhmet. They come in colors for both sides.

What Went Well:

  • I found some tasks to complete for this week
  • Particles were well recieved

What Went Poor:

  • They all were made too later to be implemented


  • Revamp particles (possibly)

Raul PPJ 07


Meetings/Concepting: 3h

Tutorial Dialogue: 30m

Total Hours: 3h 30m



This week I made some adjustments to art assets, such as closing the tent flaps. My main task this week was to help design the tutorial as well as write the new dialogue for it. I worked with Meagan to write it out and worked with Mark to figure out the flow. I also worked with Meagan, Mark, Jeff, and Michael to figure out the design, visuals, and wireframes of the tutorial.



I had very little to do this week. I understand that we are getting towards the end of the term and that the focus is shifting to polish, however, there were very few art tasks handed out this week. The project feels disorganized. I also noticed that a lot of issues were discovered at the playtest and that we had to explain to a lot of our testers the difference between our bugs and our features. This really pushed the feeling of chaos in the project.



For next week, I will continue to help with the tutorial (as needed) and will be hopefully finding tasks for artists.


Jeff Term 2 PPJ07

What got done

  • Improved Player Controller (2 hours)
    • Player controller used to contain references to both reticules and would check playerID to make sure it worked with the right reticule. Adjusted so just one reticule was tracked by the controller, that was set publicly as part of the player object
    • Going back in the UI menus is now done by pressing either of the triggers instead of clicking RS
  • Adjustments to unit spawning (1 hour)
    • After choosing a lane to spawn a unit it, the player remains in that menu and can spawn as many of the chosen type of unit as they want in any lane
  • Towers detect units on place (1.5 hours)
    • Towers are now able to detect units in their radius when they become “active” after their building is complete
  • Geb blessing polish (1.5 hours)
    • The Geb blessing now changes the animation of affected units to a “stun” animation
  • Bug Fixes
    • Priest tower FX no longer persist after the tower is destroyed (1.5 hours)
  • Playtesting (3 hours)
  • Total: 10.5 hours
Function called when tower state becomes ‘placed’

What went well

  • We’ve been continuing to find and work out kinks and latent issues in the game
  • Playtests helped us to find and begin to track a lot of issues we did not know about, as well as improvements we can make


What didn’t

  • There were a number of gameplay issues discovered in the playtest that should not have been there. It felt somewhat unprofessional.
  • I’ve felt a bit disconnected from the project and I’m trying to get myself back into it

What’s upcoming

  • Tackling the issues that came up during playtesting
  • Continuing to polish