Sons of Ra – Demo

Sons of Ra Windows Build – Current version

How To Play:

Sons of Ra is a two-player game played with controllers. Keyboard controls are unavailable in this current build. Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS4 controllers are all supported, though all button prompts will correspond to Xbox controls.


Left Stick: Open and control radial menu / move in-game cursor
A: Select icon in radial menu / place tower / use blessing
B: go back in radial menu
Y: View upgrades in radial menu
LT/RT: rotate tower

Each player has a keep that they must defend while attacking their opponent’s.

Using the left stick, players can access the radial menu, showing all their options for Units, Towers, and Blessings. Units and towers are purchased with gold, gained passively over time.

Selecting a unit requires the additional choice of picking which lane they will travel. They will follow the lane until they reach the keep, die, or engage an enemy unit. Catapults are the only unit to deviate from this behavior, ignoring enemy units and attacking towers.

Selecting a tower to build requires the player to choose where in their colored “area of influence” it will be place. Player 1’s area is colored red, and Player 2’s blue. Towers will attack units that enter their range.

Blessings are purchased with favor, gained from defeating units. A player’s blessings are determined by their choice of patron deity before a match. Blessings have a wide variety of effects that can help turn the tide of battle.

After accumulating enough of both currencies, players can upgrade their base and massively increase their resource generation through a Mine (gold) or a Temple (favor).


Spearmen: Melee range, strong in groups
 Ranged, shoot piercing arrows.
Shieldbearers: Melee range tanks, draw aggro of nearby units
Catapults: Slow, tanky Anti-Tower units


Archer Tower: standard defensive installation. Higher rate of fire, lower damage, single target
Obelisk: high damage, low rate of fire, single target
Sun Tower: medium damage, medium rate of fire, damage to units in radius
Stasis Tower: slows all enemy units in range

Base Expansions:

Mine: generates gold passively over time
Temple: generates favor passively over time
Barracks: boost damage and defenses of allied units

Patron Gods:

Montu – Aspect of Ra and god of War:
Ultimate – Solar Flare: 
Destroy a tower and deal heavy damage to everything around it
Special – Empower: Boost damage of friendly units in target radius
Basic 1 – Sandstorm: Deal damage to all units in an area
Basic 2 – Haste: Give all your units increased attack and movement speed for a short time

Isis – Goddess of Protection and Magic:
Ultimate – Mystical Protection: Temporarily nullifies damage to all friendly units
Special – Grasp: 
Temporarily stun enemy damaging towers in target radius
Basic 1 – Recovery: 
Give all your units passive healing for a short time
Basic 2 – Earthquake: Stuns all units temporarily

Anubis – God of Embalming and the Dead
Ultimate – Embalming: Spawns a priest that creates allied mummies from defeated enemy units
Special – Decay: 
Creates a long-lasting area that deals damage over time to units inside
Basic 1 – Recovery: 
Give all your units passive healing for a short time
Basic 2 – Haste: Give all your units increased attack and movement speed for a short time