Sons of Ra – Demo

Sons of Ra Windows Build – Current version

The game is playable with any two controllers connected to the computer.


Face Buttons (ABYX) / Triggers: navigate in-game menus
Left Stick: move cursor to place towers and use targeted abilities when prompted

How to Play:

Gold can be used to spawn units in one of the three lanes to attack the other player, as well as to buy towers to defend your keep from the other player’s forces.

Favor is used to purchase the blessings of your patron god that can help turn the tide of battle.


Archers: ranged, shoot piercing arrows.
Spearmen: melee range, have advantage against Shieldbearers
Shieldbearers: Melee range tanks, draw aggro of nearby units
Catapults: Slow, tanky Anti-Tower units


Archer Tower: standard defensive installation. Higher rate of fire, lower damage, single target
Obelisk: high damage, low rate of fire, single target
Sun Tower: medium damage, medium rate of fire, damage to units in radius
Stasis Tower: slows all enemy units in range

Base Expansions:

Mine: generates gold passively over time
Temple: generates favor passively over time

Patron Gods:

Montu – Aspect of Ra and god of War:
Ultimate – Solar Flare: 
Destroy a tower and deal heavy damage to everything around it
Special – Tactics:All friendly units gain a temporary bonus to advantage damage
Basic 1 – Sandstorm: Deal damage to all units in an area
Basic 2 – Haste: Give all your units increased attack and movement speed for a short time

Isis – Goddess of Protection and Magic:
Ultimate – Mystical Protection: Temporarily nullifies damage to all friendly units
Special – Grasp: 
Temporarily stun enemy damaging towers in target radius
Basic 1 – Recovery: 
Give all your units passive healing for a short time
Basic 2 – Earthquake: Stuns all units temporarily