Erin Truesdell, PPJ 03

It’s not UI, it’s me.


Playtesting: 1h 30m

Implement New UI: 3h

Deliverables: 30m

Total: 6h


Oooooh oooooh, fancy interactions!



Lots of good work done this week. We’ve found our groove and are working well in it. Work is done, it’s implemented, the process is smooth (or as smooth as it can be with a team of this size), and the game is making leaps and bounds in terms of progress. I could not be happier with how things are going and how well this group is working together.

ALSO, I got to enjoy chasing people I know down in the street to recruit them for a playtest, which is one of my favorite things about being Designated Extrovert.



The process we’re making isn’t super exciting – most of our notes are updates, polish, and bugfixes. We have some new blessings in the works, but from the outside the work isn’t all that sexy.  HOWEVER, it does mean that our final product will be a polished and presentable game, which, in my opinion, is better than overexerting ourselves to deliver something with more features that’s buggy and feels unfinished.


What’s Next:

Loadscreens, for real this time. New back buttons (and maybe a new control for them). And whatever else needs doing.


Bonus content: A weird screenshot from another project feat. MEMES



Erin Truesdell, PPJ 02

Welcome, folks, to the Truesdell Administration!


Meetings: 30m

Pipeline Updates: 1h

Deliverables Coordination: 1h

Khopesh setpiece: 1h 30m

Total: 4h


We are getting back in the groove of things now that we’re back from break and spent some time getting the new team members assimilated and goals set out for the upcoming term.



Lots of people came together to keep the game moving this week. Coordinating deliverables was, frankly, relatively easy because the people who needed to get things in…got them in. This team has been great to work with, and because we have a solid administrative team, many hands do indeed make light work. I also got my first opportunity to dive into Unity in importing Jeff’s khopesh setpiece and getting all of the fun materials and lighting done for that.


I didn’t do that much this week – partially because the work is well spread out, and partly due to other things – but I am looking forward to being able to dive back in next week at full capacity.

What’s Next:

For the team? NEW BLESSINGS! Also, playtesting and the neverending quest for polish.

For me? Playtest coordination, more adminstrative work, and LOADING SCREENS.


Bonus content: Very Professional Responses



Erin Truesdell, PPJ 01

Workshop’s Back, Alright!


Meetings: 3h

Model Updates: 45m

Deliverables Coordination: 1h 30m

Total: 5h 15m


We are getting back in the groove of things now that we’re back from break and spent some time getting the new team members assimilated and goals set out for the upcoming term.



We’ve got lots of hands, and pretty much everyone is on board and ready to start work to make this game even better. Additionally, we have a strong administrative team that spent time this week working out concrete goals for the term, as well as lots of new and exciting ideas for new additions between now and finals week.



Getting used to this big team isn’t easy. People weren’t sure what to do, and design discussions needed to be had to spend time figuring out where we were going to spend the next eight weeks going; however, the work done this week has laid a solid foundation, so this should no longer be an issue in upcoming weeks.


What’s Next:

For the team? Finishing the massive rescale project, finalizing concepts for new features, and bugfixes.

For me? Loading screens, programming/hookups of some new UI features, addition of a new set piece, and staying on that marketing train.


Bonus content: Jeff’s having issues with Jimmy Garoppolo and I am NOT having it.


Here we go again, Mark Hurley, PPJ 01

Task Completed:

Meetings/Design Discussions (5 hours)

Health bars & unit anim editing for scale update (5 hours)

Unit Anim Work (3 hours)

Total hours: 13


What Went Well?

The new term has begun and everything seems to be starting well. The group dynamic still seems strong, despite the large number of new members. Everyone seems as enthusiastic as ever to work on the project. We quickly jumped on items that were left at the end of the previous term, fixing the scale of the game, updating the unity version, and resuming design discussions. It’s still early days; but the project is starting strong.


What Could Have Gone Better

The larger team size means that communication and effectively allocating tasks has now become a much more important task. Some members of the group were not given adequate tasks earlier in the week and this will likely be a problem that persists with a team of this size. In addition, keeping artistic consistency will also pose a challenge. More artists are creating more assets at any one time, so managing those artists will be difficult.



Finish Unit Rigs and Unit Animations

Updating GDD with new blessings and design changes (loadouts, endstates, etc.)