Javier PPJ 9 Postmortem

Working on this game has been quite the experience. In all honesty, the progress the game was making compared to the other team made ours feel lackluster, at first. As the weeks went on an everything began to come together, it got vastly more enjoyable. Not to mention that learning new programs was neat and useful, and I even discovered a new joy in particle effects. Working on a larger team is far better than working in a small group of three.

Things the went right:

  • Team communication was pretty solid throughout the 8+ weeks that we were working together. The other team members and I kept up with each other on Discord. We displayed our progress to each other and went over solutions to problems and gave opinions over art designs. Granted at first it may have been a bit shaky and questionable but it was quickly remedied.
  • Progress was steady through most of the weeks. Each week felt like the group and I were making steady progress in our work. I was able to accomplish the tasks given to me for each week, for the most part.
  • Learning new programs like Substance Painter and learning how to effectively create particle effects was fun and easy. I was uneasy about learning new programs and skills but luckily I had someone to teach me how to use Substance Painter, and particles were far simpler than I had imagined. By the end, I managed to learn both under a week after starting.

Things that went wrong:

  • Some ideas took way too long to be decided on. A lot of time was spent on the map design. Although I made many possible designs on the map, we only used the original design that I made in the first week. We did not plan on things working out like this and honestly it was a necessary cut, but I still think it would have been better to decide that sooner
  • Rewired was not implemented from the start. Implementing Rewired immediately would have saved both the programmers and me a lot of time. The time they wasted making controls in Unity for the first half and the time I wasted going through the code to implement Rewired could have all been avoided. Going through the code to replace certain variables with their Rewired
  • Finals and midterms were hell. During both occasions I poorly managed my time and found that I focused more on exams and other projects, while putting this project more on the back burner for my free time. I still managed to pump out work but at the cost of my own sanity.


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