Meagan’s PPJ 02

Completed Tasks

  • Two Meetings (6.5 hours)
  • Atmosphere/Environment Concept Paintings (5 hours)
  • Mood Board and Color Palette (2 hours)
  • Symmetrical Map with Nile (10 minutes)
  • Two Team Logos (1.5 minutes)

Total Hours = 15 hours 10 minutes


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The first two pieces are atmospheric paintings. Since we have a lot of sand textures and we refined our color palette this week I played around with color to display our options. It helped us understand what combinations work well together so we are not blinding the player with too much yellow or bright colors.  The last two images are the two logos I created this week for our team, Good Boy Logo and Vector Pharaoh Dog Logo.

What went well

The art team showed more communication this week so we have a stronger sense of style and direction. We finished up environment and character concept art so we can move on to modeling those assets next week. We solved some technical issues with the character design and how it appears on the map.

What could be better

Team communication could be better when it comes to meetings. We need to get ideas out to the team for approval faster. We are behind schedule with tower and other weapon concept art. Also we are floating in limbo with the art asset list so we will be refining that.


I will move on to modeling environment pieces next week. I want to compile an asset list for every object that needs to be conceptualized and modeled, so we don’t miss anything. The tower designs are a priority so I will be doing what I can to help wrap those up so they are ready for modeling.

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