Docs and Models, Mark Hurley, PPJ 04

Task Completed:

GDD work (4 hours)

Unit model work (7 hours)

Total hours: 11



What Went Well?

The work from last week on the GDD set up a good base to build upon. After showing it to a senior project lead, he gave me some advice about further subdividing sections and making information more accessible. It’s still not perfect and some sections need additional information after people’s work over the past week has been completed (mainly the User Interface section as a few team members spent time reworking it), but I feel its in a good spot.

In addition to general GDD maintenance, I spent time working on the base of the unit models, getting the general typology ready for a relatively low-poly human model. There is still room to shave verts and I need to decide the best workflow for adding clothes, but I think they’re are coming along nicely.


What Could Have Gone Better

A large amount of the failings this week come down to me and my time management. I was hoping I would have at least one finished unit, fully textured, to show. Unfortunately, I couldn’t. I didn’t give myself enough time and I prioritized other classes over working on the unit models.

I also hoped that I could begin work on implementing models and working within the unity scene. That too didn’t happen. I’m hopeful that over the next week I will have some additional time to spend on these tasks and can hopefully get them done.

I still fear that people are not consulting the GDD enough, but the document is more approachable than it was previously. I will continue to find ways to make it easier to understand and more helpful to use.



Finish unit asset development

Contribute more to Unity work and implementation

Continue work on GDD

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