Dustin PPJ06

Completed Tasks

  • Tower rotation (1hr)
  • Incorporating Influence based spawning to our build (2hrs)
  • Adjusting tower spawning points(1hr)
  • Fixed influence ranges of the sun tower(3hrs)

The Good

  • Influence spawning seems to be working fine in conjunction with all of the other changes that were made.
  • Fixed some graphical things that looked a little bit buggy.
  • Learned that sometimes the simplest solution is the best even for trickier problems in terms of getting the sun tower to have an influence range the same size out from each direction.

The Bad

  • Started work on the temple but realized too late there was a bug with it giving favor before it was placed.
  • Influence stops working when the scene is reloaded after a game end.

The Future

  • Juice!!!!!! to make the game pop more
  • Final bug squashes so our game doesn’t break when people try to play it

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