Meagan Bleyer PPJ 08 – Term 2

Tasks Completed

  • D-pad icon for tool tips (30 minutes)
  • Tutorial images (2 hrs)
  • Small UI and Menu edits (30 minutes)

Total Hours = 3 hours

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I helped Micheal with the tutorial by creating any visuals he might need. Then I made some small edits with some of the other UI including D-pad icons for the tool-tips.

What Went Well

We got a lot of playtesters at an event on Saturday and I got a few to test the game out as well. I received a lot of good feedback. I The tutorial is finally coming together and I am HYPED. I can’t wait to test it out among players.

What Didn’t

I went home this weekend for medical and family reasons but I still stayed in touch. I got some smaller tasks done such as the D-pad icons but next week I will be ready to dive in and fix any major issues if they surface.


  • Balancing
  • Play testing
  • Updating UI and touching up assets

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