Raul Brossy PPJ 08


playtesting: 4h

Tutorial Dialogue (revised): 10m

Temple statue: 4h 30m

Total Hours: 8h 40m



This week we got some great feedback from prospective gmap students at the open house. I also helped revise the tutorial further as well as help manage the art tasks. Additionally, I started working on making the temple tower visibly 3 by three grid spaces by adding guardian statues.



This week has also had many rough spots. One of them being the temple. While I was able to model and texture the statues Jeff and I have been unable to implement them due to the multi-mesh nature. I had originally hoped to not have to retexture the tower but I will have to combine all components into one mesh and retexture the whole thing. While going through the temple, I also found many flaws in the topology so I will have to optimize it anyways. I also had a difficult time obtaining a task for this week and it feels like art is being given a low priority until later in the week. We also keep being given assignments that have already been completed.



For next week, I will be fixing up and re-implementing the temple tower. I will also be doing a final sweep of other art assets to make sure that they are optimized.

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